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Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group

Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group from Fabian Speiser, who left the company.

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Individual competence development

We attach special importance to the further development of our employees. We offer a wide range of development measures covering all aspects of their professional, methodological, social and personality skills, hence not only offering our employees excellent, wide-ranging prospects, but also creating sustainable added value for our customers.

Personal mentors

Your mentor, who took care of you during your orientation period, will remain your contact person regardless of the location, the people or the project you are assigned to. He will agree upon and review your targets every six months and create a personal development plan together with you. In order to maintain close contact, additional meetings with your mentor will generally take place every two to four weeks. You will get the chance to bring up current issues, get advice or discuss your ideas and proposals for improvement.

Training and qualification

Training offers are an integral part of the professional training philosophy at iic group. You will not discuss with us whether you will get trained at all, but better what your training schedule will look like. Besides the basic qualifications you will receive during your introduction phase, there is a catalogue of internal and external arrangements that can be utilized depending on the development plan drawn up together with your mentor. Additionally, we support and advance our employees with individual approaches as needed.

Personnel development model

Our comprehensive personal development model defines consultant levels, career models, career planning and competence/qualification catalogues for different roles. On this basis we can control the development of our employees in a target-oriented and transparent way. You will benefit from a coordinated system of rules that offers a great individual room for individual adaptation.

Consultant levels

At iic group, we differentiate between six different consultant levels with each consultant level having a specific requirements profile. This creates transparency with regards to both employees’ and iic’s expectations. We would be pleased to provide you with further details in a personal meeting.

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