20 years of iic group

Meanwhile it is 20 years ago, when Igor Bonacic, founder and managing director of the iic group, made his visions come true.

Graphic Recording - 20 years of iic group

Then and now, it was his concept to offer products and services that support the automotive business and improve it in the long run, at the level of the manufacturer, their regional sales companies or especially in the dealer network.

Based on the coaching and training services, the iic group continuously developed since 1995, gathering experience on numerous projects and therefore having an answer at hand for any problem of the automotive business. This development might be less surprising in view of the fact that an ‘i’ of “iic” stands for innovation. Nevertheless, it was a journey full of projects, twists and developments, which every current and former employee can be proud of. Like this, numerous customers of the automotive industry have been and will be supported in their development to handle the difficulties of the automobile trade.

Finally, in 2015 a milestone of the 20th anniversary was reached – and celebrated fittingly. But at iic group we do not want to rest on our laurels and according to the “i” for innovation we already look at the challenges of the upcoming years.

The present service portfolio of the iic group includes, among other things, the elaboration and implementation of retail-oriented sales standards, the definition and realization of system-supported sales processes, as well as the conception and implementation of qualification measures. In addition there are several exciting ideas, under developments that will help customers with challenges along the value chain, e.g. tools, systems and methods to tackle volume pressure, profit requirements and customer loyalty targets.

Further details are available via: info@iic-group.com.

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