iic link - Holistic consulting approach

Combining personnel and organization development measures results in holistic consulting approach

  • The newly founded business unit iic link pools more than 20 years of consulting expertise of the iic group in a new market presence and focus
  • Learning in organizations and changing leadership principles: The iic group answers with a self leading business unit on changes in the market
  • Numerous successful projects already convinced our customers: From innovative training, effective coaching and agile consulting approaches in the context of change management

In the past, various clients confronted consultants of the iic group with the following statement: “We need training measure XY for employee group YZ quickly!”
Already within the scope of proposal clarification we revealed that the training only target the obvious symptoms. Consequently, effective fighting of the causes and thus targeting essential levers has often not been possible.

The newly founded business unit  iic link pursues the objective to target the right levers and to offer the client – by a structured analysis – a set of measures in a concentrated form to achieve its objectives. Furthermore, iic link promotes active assessment of prevailing (behavioral) patterns and thinking “out of the box”. In this way, iic link offers the client to work not only in its system but rather on its system.

iic link product portfolio:

  • Training conception and implementation of various topics
  • Change management consulting
  • Educational counselling
  • Executive development
  • Diagnostics / Certification
  • Personal coaching / Team coaching
  • Workshop conception and implementation
  • Large group events
  • Organizational development future check
  • Recruiting
  • Employer branding
  • Internal communication
  • Employee retention / satisfaction
  • Organizational experiments

Linking all these disciplines is the new business unit’s core task – which results in the name iic-“link”.

Our set of measures go beyond pure training development and implementation and encompasses the necessary intensive communication within the organization as well as the arrangement of relations within teams and leadership cascades.

In cooperation with experienced partner companies and universities, iic link dynamically further develops itself parallel to the client requirements. Our by now ten-strong team aged between 28 and 59 has acquired cross-sectorally and international knowledge. 

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