Customer centricity is our overarching philosophy.

iic group introduce themselves as an energetic and solution-oriented consulting firm, that focuses on improving the activities of our customers´ value chain to deliver customer delight.

Our forward-thinking teams welcome the current developments in the automotive industry through innovative ideas, constantly questioning the status quo. Together with our philosophy to place the individual client at the very centre of our daily activities, this motivates our team to unleash the best of their potential every day.

Ultimately, our focus on customer delight does not only benefit our clients, but also their customers.

the mission and vision of iic group

Projects, solutions and competences

Used car management

Used car management

Recognize and use the potential in the used vehicle business

We strongly believe that the used car area represents an important source of profit at both wholesale and retail level and deserves for this reason more attention. On the contrary, due to increasingly “bulkier” Used Car stocks paired to ever longer stocking periods (approximately between 100 and 120 days on average in the German market) the profitability in this area is constantly questioned and the Used Car business, as a whole, considered as a burden.

We know how to turn the Used Car business into a profitable area and that requires to constantly challenge processes and procedures within the organisation. Having someone helping you look at the topic with an external perspective can represent a valuable asset, also considering the width and variety of possible actions in the Used Car business in comparison to the rather regulated new car business.

Our Approach:

We focus on the potential, chances and opportunities of your organisation, regardless the level you are operating at: at OEM-, NSC or dealer level. Due to our expertise and experience, in combination with target-oriented and data-based analysis tools, our consultants support you in identifying the underlying reasons for your challenges such as faulty processes, organisational matters, lack of know-how or a combination of these. What is then pivotal to overall success is the willingness of both the management and the workforce to welcome change and undertake necessary measures for improvement.

Ultimately, our consultants create customised solutions, applicable for your company and your needs. We support you to create new strategies, optimise processes and implement digital structures which comply not only with the standards of today’s digitalised and automized present, but also make you ready for the business models of the future.

Your Benefit:

50% increase in turnover and an augmented portion of retained profit per every used vehicle sale is realistic for any types of organisation. Additionally, also above-average performers bear chances for improvement to up to 30% increase in profitability per vehicle.

Winning new customers, increasing the aftersales and service potential and creating revenue through the sales of financial services are additional effects of a professionally operated used car department. Due to our implementation-oriented, data-based and individual solutions we create an added value not only for you, but also your customers.


   Marcel Evangelista

Retail excellence in aftersales

Retail excellence in aftersales

Increase customer loyalty through aftersales potential

Each customer wants to feel unique and to be treated according to their individual mobility needs. With regards to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty however, hardly anything has changed at many car dealerships and their responsible national sales companies in the last decade. With a view to the future, physical retail formats will also play an essential role in times of increasing “mobile first“ customer flows. The seamless transition between digital and analogue experiences into a demand-oriented customer journey is crucial for future success
With the finalisation of the automotive sale, the challenging interaction with the customer has only begun: the aftersales. The great variety of services and products offers plenty of opportunities to increase revenues and profitability and can be understood as a valuable instrument to achieve customer loyalty.

Our Approach:

We create customer delight with technology that enables customer comfort paired with individual service. A better understanding of customers, targeted control of marketing activities and the right psychological and emotional stimulation are the requirements for action in order to act in a customer-centric manner at all customer touchpoints. With our expertise and coaching approaches, we enable you to analyse and design these in an appealing way in order to know and fully exploit your business potential.

Your Benefit:

By creating an appealing POS design, customer-centric processes and a comprehensive range of products and services we create customer delight, and consequently, customer loyalty. Satisfied customers also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction, which, in the long term, is reflected in declining illness rates, more innovative ability and creativity as well as higher productivity. Sales and profitability continue to rise thanks to up-selling and cross-selling as well as optimised process landscapes. The breaking open of silos and the implementation of an “overall entrepreneurial” way of thinking within the departments plays an important role here. Calculating and pointing out the potentials as well as the current and possible potential exploitation serves as a basis for a target-performance comparison and the resulting company goals.

With a 360° view of your ecosystem (customer, market, processes, personnel, …), we are the right partner to help you effectively transform your trading business into a customer-centric mobility service provider.


    Atilla Günes

Smart analytics

Smart analytics

Meaningful decisions through data-based reporting

In the context of a digital future, the intelligent exploitation of data gains central stage. Hence, the connection of Sales- and IT-departments is essential in order to identify and harness new potentials. In parallel, also processes and methods underly changes in value and have repercussions on cultural aspects of companies. Ultimately, these developments are accompanied with an increasing level of complexity throughout all hierarchies.

Our Approach:

iic group perceives this complexity rather as a chance than a risk. By combining Business Intelligence with Change Management, we actively seize these chances and combine our Know-How of the automotive industry with the possibilities given by data analysis. By doing so, we always follow our maxim that the real value of data is not its quantity, but the way of how you use and interpret it.

Therefore, we generate insights out of your data while aiming to make your processes more efficient, productive and more profitable. We support you in gathering relevant information from different data sources while standardising them in order to come up with individual and relevant key figures. Additionally, we support you with the efficient visualisation of the data to make sure that no information gets lost.

Your Benefit:

With iic group as your chosen partner you profit from the minimisation of operative data topics. As an analyst we liberate you from the challenges of structuring uncountable amounts of data sources and getting rid of rigid excel reports through the access to up-to-the-minute key figures which help overcoming silo mentality through a “Single Point of Truth”: one consistent level of knowledge across departmental boarders. Hence, we quantify you to draw the right derivations in order to make meaningful decisions for your company. As a result, we do not only generate added value for your company but for your customers as well.


    Bastian Wexel

Asset-based consulting

Asset-based consulting

Increase customer loyalty through asset-based consulting

With the car becoming ever more a commoditised good, customer loyalty is decreasing as a direct consequence. Furthermore, the strong focus on sales targets has triggered the habit of ignoring existing customers for the sake of winning new ones, even though retaining existing customer proves to be more effective other than cheaper in terms of marketing investments. To foster and maintain loyalty, it is necessary to engage in an individualised and relevant communication with the customer as early as possible, exploiting every possible touch-point.

Our Approach:

Based on a plethora of data sources (from dealers, banks, markets and OEMs) our software calculates the earliest date when repeated sales to existing customers are possible. That would normally not be possible without the deployment of a smart software that can time and cost effectively manage a large amount of data.

The software user at dealer level receives an offer for a potential hot lead identified within the existing customer base. This input for the commercial transaction includes convincing arguments to persuade the customer to trade-in his car for a new model. All this at with no particular effort on the dealer side.

Following the same logic, the software user at the bank level can increase customer loyalty through a relevant and concrete offer, resulting in a renewal of the leasing contract.

By deploying our flexible software-based solution together with our professional and methodical expertise we create an individualised concept based on your requirements and needs, which is then implemented within your organisation.

Your Benefit:

You benefit from the tangible and proven double-digit increase in your customer base loyalty: by means of target-oriented communication a considerable number of existing customers are not lost yet persuaded to renew their trust in your organisation. As a matter of fact, you will experience an increase in customer delight which will translate into more sales and a more profitable business.


    Igor Bonacic

This is us

Our corporate culture is characterized by different values, which define how we interact with our team members and clients alike.

What our employees say about us

Igor Bonacic
Igor Bonačić

Managing Partner

‘We venture the impossible, in order to achieve the best possible results for our customers.’

Michael Bednarek
Michael Bednarek


‘Appreciation, respect and a mutual trust are the fundamentals of our successful collaboration with our customers and stake holders.’

Marina Kostitskaya
Marina Kostitskaya


‘Contemporary and practiced values – especially teamwork and non-hierarchical organisation to be successful together. This is what motivates us every day to achieve the best of our abilities.’

Julian Kartens
Julian Karstens

Senior Consultant

‘Dedication, passion and responsibility, combined with leadership and team-working, help us deliver beyond our limits. This enables us to offer sustainable solutions to our clients to unleash their full potential.’

Our values


We have the freedom to take on responsibility and make decisions to make our customers and hence ourselves more successful in the long term.


We tackle tasks and challenges with conviction to develop successful solutions with enthusiasm, creativity and vigour.


We continuously develop our professional and personal skills and abilities and we share our know-how internally among colleagues in order to transfer our values to customers and stake holders.


We take the opinions of others seriously with no biases, and we are open to criticism in order to encourage an active, open and honest way of communication.


We believe in our values, in trustworthy interactions with each other and our expertise in order to be able to proactively shape an environment characterized by change, complexity and ambivalence.


We work in a disciplined, courageous and objective manner in order to constantly deliver high quality.


Customer delight begins with you

Our corporate culture and daily business are characterized by commitment, competence and an entrepreneurial spirit. Fuelled with passion, we aim to achieve the best for our clients.

Hence, besides a professional appearance you bring along a solution-oriented mindset as well as an analytical way of thinking. You challenge the status-quo, re-think established processes and structures and strive towards continuously improving yourself as well as your team. In this regard, it is your goal to push yourself and support the company by actively sharing your experience and ideas internally. Our management team is your partner to support you individually whenever and wherever you need it.

Due to our international customer portfolio, your English skills need to be to a level where you can confidently express yourself and clarify complex topics and concepts. To be able to support our clients in the best possible way, a first experience in the automotive or in the consulting business and a general interest for the automotive industry as well as current market trends complete your profile.

Your benefits

reasonable compensation

flexible working hours


individual development



parental leave & sabbatical


Application and start at iic group


We are looking forward to receiving your application – either for one of our vacancies or through an unsolicited application. Please attach your CV, motivational letter, as well as all relevant certificates and references from previous positions.

Telephone interview

If your application sparks our interest, we will schedule a telephone interview. During the call, we are looking forward to hearing more about your professional and academic background while at the same time giving you the opportunity to get to know iic group as a company.

Personal interview

During one or more personal interviews we would like to give you the opportunity to get to know iic group better. You will meet different colleagues as well as members of the management team.

Your start at iic group

If there is a positive feedback from our side, we will make you an offer and welcome you to our company and as a member of iic group.

Opportunities for professional and personal development

We attach importance to the professional and personal development of our employees. Therefore, iic group offers a broad spectrum of opportunities centered around your professional and methodological expertise, as well as your personality competence. By doing so, we also create sustainable added value for our clients.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

In case you have any questions about iic group or our application process, please get in touch with our contact partner from HR, Ms. Julia Bergmann (moc.p1585715606uorg-1585715606cii@l1585715606anosr1585715606ep1585715606).

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