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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Maintaining traditions and trying new things at the same time – we believe that both contribute to...

Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group

Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group from Fabian Speiser, who left the company.

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Digital Business Platforms

The needs of customers as well as the structure of cooperation between manufacturer, national company and trade are increasingly gripped in change. The intelligent use of data that is available is becoming ever more important. For us, business insights at the right point in time do not have anything to do with simply reeling off facts - what is needed, rather, is the right inferences and conclusions to support day-to-day business. New digital technologies are playing a key role in all this. Networking of sales and marketing with IT is essential to minimising expenses in the sales process and opening up new business potential.

Data acquisition & synchronisation

Traders are often unable to use the large amounts of data available to them. We help you to synchronise vast amounts of data and prepare it in such a manner so as to develop individual, marketable and virtually sales-ready services. This ensures that the seller can respond to individual customer needs.

Efficient data exchange

Our platform enables all the parties involved in the sales process to efficiently exchange data free of error via a single system, in this manner minimising the frequency of error as well as time and effort.

Reporting as a service

Especially in times when data availability and reporting are becoming increasingly more complex and demanding, we enable you to concentrate on the essentials. We are experts in the field of business analytics and use our tools and experts to prepare figures and data that aligns with your needs.

Data intelligence

Digitalisation requires close integration between sales and marketing and IT. We pool know-how from both areas, creating synergy effects and smart data links. This helps prevent "silo thinking" and allows new insight to be gained.

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