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Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group

Thomas Hegger takes over PR responsibilities at iic group from Fabian Speiser, who left the company.

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Holistic business coaching

In order to achieve excellence in sales and marketing, one needs to master the basics first. The iic group helps identify potential for improvement and to spell out steps that can be taken to sustainably boost earnings. Together with you, we analyse your organisation taking into account market conditions and optimise your structures and processes. Depending on your company's requirements, we leverage a combination of on-site consulting, coaching and remote elements to help fill existing gaps. In all this, we focus on:

Customer interaction in trade

We are convinced that the greatest potential in automotive sales is to be found in individual, appropriate and proactive interaction with customers. Because these customer experiences cannot be replicated, it is particularly important to empower salespersons to ensure a unique customer experience. That is why our consultants and coaches take the time to analyse your company from a customer's point of view, provide individual recommendations for action and implement them together with you.

Price positioning

Are you foregoing profits because your offers are not in line with market demand? Pricing problems translate into an inefficient price-performance ratio for the customer and hence lost opportunities and lower profitability. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, we know the levers that will make sure your products are optimally positioned, in this way optimising earnings.

Stock management

Does your brand have a large and outdated vehicle fleet which does not align with demand? Our implementation skills enable you, in line with your sales strategy, to gear your vehicle fleet more closely to demand while boosting your margin, thus positively influencing earnings across all sales channels.

Cross-department interface management

Have you ever had the impression that your departments do not work together efficiently? Our support in sustainable, cross-departmental corporate planning helps you to meet the challenges of a fast-paced industry. You benefit in the guise of a nimbler, more profitable organisation.

Optimisation of sales and marketing processes

Inefficient processes often translate into long reaction times. Many opportunities fail to be exploited. We offer you a variety of analytical and implementation tools to identify problem areas in your daily business. We combine on-site and remote coaching and training to help you fill in these gaps. Optimisation then translates into an implementable and sustainable sales concept.

Optimisation of remarketing processes

Can you only sell your self-produced used vehicles at significant discounts or place them within your network? Remarketing vehicles can become a high-risk affair if no potential end customers have been identified in advance.

Our solution shows you how to order models and specifications in line with the market.  This allows units to be resold smoothly. The benefits for you: Profitability due to faster turnover of vehicles.

Individual measures offering incentives to staff

Low productivity may have its roots in the company's incentive system. Individual new incentive measures for individual employees that improve and strengthen their innovative power and motivation can in this manner boost the overall productivity of the organisation.

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